Project Endeavor to Focus Only on Broadband Subscriber Applications After April 13

Eligible deaf and hard of hearing consumers who want broadband access are encouraged to apply today.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (March 30, 2012) — As we near the end of our two year Project Endeavor grant, CSD will no longer be focusing on subsidized equipment as we have over the past 18 months. In fact as of April 13, we will only be accepting applications for handheld mobile devices and either wired or wireless broadband services.  If you are an eligible consumer or want to see eligibility requirements, and also are interested in access to broadband and handheld/mobile devices at a discounted price, please go to our Project Endeavor website and apply today.

In July 2010, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced that CSD was awarded a multi-million dollar grant to make discounted high-speed Internet/ broadband services accessible to the nation’s deaf and hard of hearing population. Since that time, Project Endeavor has reached out to and enlisted thousands of new adopters of broadband and broadband technology from all parts of the country. It’s all part of this innovative, groundbreaking program that brings Internet access to deaf and hard of hearing people, maximizes that access, and works towards sustaining long-term access once Project Endeavor comes to completion.

Once again throughout this final stage of Project Endeavor, we will continue to accept broadband subscription applications (landline, wireless, hotspots, etc.) until the grant ends later this year. We hope to reach all qualified deaf and hard of hearing applicants before the program closes so please go to and click on the “Apply” tab to see if you qualify. Eligibility guidelines can be viewed on that page, and there you can download the application form to begin the process.

“Our goal is to provide Internet access to as many eligible deaf and hard of hearing people as possible, in the time allowed,” said Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. “If you have not applied for Project Endeavor yet, please do so and experience what this tremendous program can do for you.”

Project Endeavor also has an established information resource center on its website where you can view educational videos in the areas of technology, employment, advocacy, finance, equipment/products, and even general information. All of the videos are signed, captioned and voiced, to provide access to all deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people as well. For more information about Project Endeavor, go to, and for more information on CSD, go to

If you prefer to talk to one of our staff in person and have more questions, the Project Endeavor contact center has agents fluent in sign language that can speak to you point to point via video, and can also be accessed by a video relay service, AIM, telecommunications relay service, e-mail, fax, TTY or in the traditional telephonic way. Reach them by voice at 1 (877) 638-6377; by AIM (screen names: CSDPE1, CSDPE2, CSDPE3); by videophone at (605) 550-4056; or by fax (605) 782-8446; or by e-mail at

Made possible by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, also referred to as BTOP.  

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