Project Endeavor Releases Online Training Course “Your Road Trip—Destination Employment”

Your Road Trip

Deaf and hard of hearing job seekers now have access to employment training resources in American Sign Language.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (April 23, 2012) — Since July of 2010, CSD’s Project Endeavor program has created over 7,000 new broadband users in the deaf and hard of hearing community, but besides only focusing on creating new broadband subscribers, the multi-faceted Project Endeavor sustains a large training component as well. For instance, the Project Endeavor website houses an established information resource center with hundreds of videos — all of them captioned, voiced and filmed with actors using American Sign Language (ASL). Today, CSD is announcing an enhancement to this resource center with the release of the online course “Your Road Trip — Destination Employment.”

This online course targets non-college bound deaf and hard of hearing adults, who are either looking for their first job or thinking about changing their current employment situation. The interactive, Web 2.0 course focuses on three main components of a career search: Getting Started (helps the consumer decide if they are ready to work and how working will affect income;) Working at Getting a Job (how to conduct a job search, complete job applications, write a resume, dress for an interview and interview tips, and your communication needs;) and Success on the Job (what to do on your first day on the job and how to problem solve.)

The unique aspect of the training resource is that each quiz and module is accompanied with an ASL video, meaning students can access 100 percent of the information in ASL instead of having to read text, which is how nearly all online training resources are developed. You can find the online course at Just click on the graphic that reads “Your Road Trip — Destination Employment,” sign up, and begin training.

Project Endeavor was created when in July of 2010 the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced CSD was awarded a multi-million dollar grant to make discounted high-speed Internet/broadband accessible to the nation’s deaf and hard of hearing population. It’s all part of this groundbreaking program that brings Internet access to deaf and hard of hearing people and works towards sustaining long-term access once Project Endeavor comes to completion.

“We want to do everything we can to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing consumers have access to broadband services and that they have the opportunity to maximize their Internet experience,” said Ben Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. “Project Endeavor not only provides equipment and broadband access but also helps to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing Americans have equal access and exposure to online training opportunities, employment resources and enhanced communications — making their search for employment easier than ever before.”

For more information about Project Endeavor, go to, and for more information on CSD, go to

Made possible by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, also referred to as BTOP. 

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