Breaking New Ground in Austin, Texas


CSD Technology Group is opening a new Technology+Design Studio (TDS) in Austin, Texas. The mission of TDS Austin is to design and develop our next generation web environment, mobile applications, and network/communication infrastructure. The terminology “technology+design” was chosen to communicate the integration of information technology and creative design skills essential to building modern web applications. Designers and technologists have become one community.

New Design

The formation of TDS Austin creates an unprecedented opportunity for CSD to amplify our existing enterprise services team by hiring individuals with expertise in emergent technologies for web and mobile applications. This new software development group will serve as the technical engine for our enterprise computing environment as well as our sales and marketing team. The creation of a core technology group to empower all CSD business units is part of an overall modernization of the CSD organization.

TDS Austin will work closely with other Technology Group teams, including Enterprise Services and Business Solutions in Sioux Falls, and our technical resources in California.

Work Environment 

The TDS Austin office is being designed as a studio environment, utilizing open space, meeting and huddle rooms, and lots of natural light. The goal is creativity and collaboration. Dreary cubicle farms need not apply. The Technology Group team will share the office with sales and marketing teams, thus accelerating product strategy and sharing of ideas.


CSD is recruiting with a focus on flexible skills rather than static roles. We are looking for highly talented individuals who are jazzed about open technology and positive social values. Areas of expertise include:

  • Technical Leadership
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design (User Experience / User Interface)
  • Network Architecture
  • Systems Administration (Linux, Windows, OS X)
  • Project Management


TDS Austin will leverage open standards technology such as Linux, PHP, HTML5, Ruby, Java, and Drupal. Open source software powers the majority of web sites on the Internet. Building our future products in this manner ensures that CSD can participate in popular and emerging technologies, and will have the option to contribute to open source projects.


We believe that Austin is an ideal location for the new studio. Austin’s combination of dense technology resources and creative arts culture reflects the esthetics of our future technology-driven business strategy. Add to that the excellent Texas School for the Deaf and you have a wonderful environment for CSD to thrive.

We are excited about our new product strategy, excited about the new TDS, and excited to be in Austin!

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